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Precautions for the use and maintenance of plastic pallets

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As an integral part of the warehousing and logistics industry, plastic pallets play an important role. If the plastic pallets are used in accordance with the correct use specifications, not only can they fully exert their own functions, but also they can extend their service life and reduce the purchase cost of plastic pallets.

Talk about the following points when using plastic trays:

The plastic tray should be handled gently to avoid uneven stress and damage to the floor.

When placing the goods, they should be placed evenly to avoid side skew during lifting and transportation.

When using handling equipment, it should be considered whether the size of the cargo difference is suitable for this plastic pallet, to avoid inappropriate size, and to support the plastic pallet.

When stacking, the weight of the bottom pallet should be considered.

The correct use of plastic pallets should be such that the packaging combination code is placed on the plastic pallet with appropriate strapping and wrapping, which is easy to use mechanical loading and unloading and transportation to meet the requirements of loading, unloading, transportation and storage. In order to make the plastic pallet safe to use for a long time, we hope to use the plastic pallet correctly according to the following requirements:

The plastic tray should avoid being exposed to the sun to avoid aging and shorten the service life.

It is strictly prohibited to throw the goods into the plastic pallet from a height. Reasonably determine how goods are stacked in pallets. The goods should be placed evenly. Do not stack them eccentrically. Pallets carrying heavy objects should be placed on a flat ground or object surface.

It is strictly forbidden to throw the plastic pallet from a high place to avoid the pallet from breaking or cracking due to violent impact.

When the forklift or manual hydraulic truck is operating, the fork thorn should be as close as possible to the outside of the pallet fork hole. The fork thorn should be fully extended into the pallet, and the angle can be changed after the pallet is lifted smoothly. Fork thorns must not hit the side of the pallet to avoid breaking or cracking of the pallet.

 When the pallet is placed on the shelf, the shelf-type pallet must be used, and the carrying capacity is determined according to the shelf structure, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

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