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The main points of purchasing plastic pallets

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According to the different use environment, choose different material tray.

Temperature conditions. Different use temperatures directly affect the choice of pallet manufacturing materials. This is because pallets of different materials have a temperature range where their performance is normally exerted. For example, the use temperature of plastic pallets is between + 40-25 ℃.

Moisture. Due to the strong hygroscopicity of certain materials, such as wooden pallets can not be used in a humid environment, otherwise it will directly affect the service life.

Cleanliness of the use environment. It is necessary to consider the pollution degree of the environment to the tray. For a highly polluted environment, you must choose a tray that is resistant to pollution and easy to clean. Such as plastic pallets, composite plastic wood pallets, etc.

The special requirements of the goods carried on the pallet material. Sometimes the cargo carried by the pallet is corrosive or the cargo carried requires the consideration of the size of the transportation means and transportation equipment. The appropriate pallet size should just meet the size of the transportation tool, which can improve the full and reasonable utilization of the transportation tool space and save transportation costs, especially considering the box size of the container and the transportation truck.

In addition to considering the size of the specifications, we also need to consider the size of the warehouse and the size of each compartment; consider the packaging specifications of the palletized goods, and select the appropriate pallet according to the packaging specifications of the palletized goods to maximize the use of the surface area of the pallet.

Consider the use interval of the tray. The flow of pallets loaded with goods directly affects the choice of pallet size. Generally, the goods to Europe should choose 1200mm × 1000mm pallets, and the goods to Japan should choose 1100mm × 1100mm pallets. The choice of pallet structure The structure of the pallet directly affects the efficiency of the use of the pallet, and the suitable structure can give full play to the characteristics of the forklift's efficient operation.

The pallet is used as a floor slab, that is, the pallet does not move after loading the goods, but only plays a role in moisture and water resistance. You can choose a pallet with a simple structure and low cost, such as a simple wooden pallet, but you should pay attention to the static load For pallets for transportation, handling, and loading and unloading, choose pallets with high strength and large dynamic load. This type of pallet needs to be used repeatedly and used in conjunction with a forklift, so the strength of the pallet is relatively high, which requires the structure of the pallet to be "tian" or "chuan".

Decide whether to choose single-sided or double-sided pallets based on whether you want to stumble after loading the pallets. The single-sided pallet is not suitable for stacking because it has only one bearing surface, otherwise it will easily damage the lower layer of goods. Therefore, if you need to stack after transferring the goods, you must choose a double-sided pallet.

If the pallet is used on the shelf in the three-dimensional warehouse, it is also necessary to consider whether the structure of the pallet is suitable for placing on the shelf. Generally, the goods can only be taken from the shelf in two directions, so the pallet used on the shelf should use the pallet with four sides into the fork as much as possible, so that the forklift can fork the goods and improve the work efficiency. Such a pallet generally chooses the structure of Tianzixing.

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