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Plastic tray-20 years of focus on independent research and development and production

For 20 years, Zhaoxi people have written a story about the growth of the enterprise with their own wisdom and diligence. With the leading technology and rich experience, Zhaoxi people strive to develop new products with extremely competitive market for customers. Make sure that the designed products are perfect. Along the way, despite many hardships, but also a lot of gains……


Win the market with innovation, win the reputation with quality

Zhejiang Zhaoxi Plastic & Mould Co., Ltd. insists on being customer-oriented, with technological innovation and quality management as its core value. Focusing on the application research of plastic pallets in the industry field, we have developed plastic pallets that can be used for long-distance transportation packaging for the glass bottle industry and the can industry; the products we supply have won the trust and recommendation of customers with reliable quality.


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