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Extensive application of express logistics totes reduces the burden on the environment

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On July 1, 2019, the "Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Management of Domestic Waste" was officially released, which proposed that green packaging standards for Shanghai's e-commerce and express delivery industry should be formulated to promote the reduction and recycling of express packaging. Relevant enterprises are encouraged to use electronic express waybills and environmentally friendly packaging, and provide users with multiple specifications of environmentally friendly packaging options.

The development of e-commerce has provided consumers with a convenient shopping platform, and buying, buying, and buying have become the daily life of the public, and at the same time, it has also rapidly promoted the development of the express delivery industry.

The rapid growth of the express delivery industry corresponds to the rapid growth of the number of express packages. In these countless express packages, no matter what the goods are inside, there is always one thing in common-a lot of express packages are used. Common plastic packaging includes black and white film courier bags and co-extruded bubble bags. The internal buffer materials are mostly foam film, air column bags, air cushion bags, foam, pearl cotton, sponges, buffer particles, etc. A lot of tapes are often used ... However, I do n’t know if anyone has paid attention to these widely used plastic express packaging, and in fact almost all can not be effectively recycled. Our repeated buying, buying, and dismantling after dismantling and then throwing and throwing is not only a waste of resources, but also a major source of pollution.

According to data released by the State Post Bureau, in 2017, the express delivery industry used a total of 40.06 billion express waybills, 11.05 billion packaging bags, 800 million transit plastic bags, 4.8 billion envelopes, 36.4 billion meters of express tape and 4 billion packaging. In the mega cities of China, the increment of express packaging waste has reached 93% of the increase in domestic waste, and in some large cities it is 85% to 90%. Behind this series of huge numbers is the proliferation of express packaging. It can be seen that although the rise of the express logistics industry has driven the industry and economy to take off, it has also brought serious pollution and waste problems. Express packaging waste is being added to urban waste. " The main force ".

Courier plastic packaging "reduces burden", policy first

At the beginning of this year, China implemented the "9571" project, that is, the utilization rate of electronic waybills reached more than 95% by the end of the year, e-commerce shipments were no longer secondary packaging, and the utilization rate of circulating transfer bags reached 70%. Install a packaging waste recycling device. The State Post Bureau has issued the “Decomposition Arrangement of Targets and Tasks for Green and High-Quality Development of the Industry”, regularly held an eco-environmental symposium for express companies and organized some express brand enterprises to carry out pilot work of recyclable transfer packaging instead of disposable woven bags.

At the two sessions this year, the CDB also submitted the "Proposal on Effectively Reducing Pollution in Express Packaging to Help Win the Pollution Prevention and Control Challenge", and made requests to the government and relevant departments for reducing pollution in express packaging and promoting green packaging. The implementation of the new national standard "Express Packaging Products" encourages the research and development of new materials for environmentally friendly packaging, supports the regulation of related logistics companies, promotes the formation of a social environment that promotes green packaging and waste classification, and strengthens the recycling of resources.

Courier and related companies spontaneously "downsizing"

In terms of degradable and recycled packaging materials, it is reported that Cainiao and SF Express have begun to use bio-based packaging bags, and JD.com is also experimenting with biodegradable packaging bags in the fresh food business; in terms of packaging recycling, a large number of applications for express tote boxes , Which has greatly eased the generation of fragmented plastic waste. Jingdong, SF, etc. have used more than 10 million recyclable containers. The shared express box launched by Suning has also achieved nationwide scale application, and zero tape carton has also been put into use. Cainiao Inn It has also launched a "return box plan" to achieve the effective recovery of express packaging boxes; in terms of reduced packaging, the proportion of secondary packaging of logistics companies is gradually decreasing, and 45 mm of reduced tape has been fully promoted.

In addition, express logistics companies have begun to test the reduction of express packaging in some cities or regions. Zhongtong Express has implemented green reusable packaging canvas bags in its 50 distribution centers. At the regular press conference in the third quarter of 2019 held by the State Post Bureau, Feng Lihu, director of the Market Supervision Department of the spokesperson of the State Post Bureau, also said that postal enterprises have completed the distribution of green packaging boxes in 30 provinces and tried them in Beijing and Henan. Degradable packaging bags. Post enterprises have invested in recyclable packaging. Zhongtong is also exploring ways to bill express delivery and packaging separately in some provinces and cities to guide consumers to support and participate in carton recycling.

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