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Teach you to buy plastic pallets?

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With the accelerated economic circulation of commodities, cargo handling has become the most concerned operation link in logistics. Rising labor costs and improved cargo turnover efficiency have placed higher demands on the logistics industry, and mechanized automation has become an industry trend.

As the smallest container unit, pallets can be used in conjunction with forklifts, stackers and other equipment in logistics handling, and their applications are becoming more and more widespread. Plastic pallets are favored by various industries such as food, medicine, chemical industry, cold chain, etc. due to their own non-toxic and tasteless, acid and alkali resistant, clean appearance, no nails and no thorns. How to choose a plastic tray? What should I pay attention to when choosing a plastic tray? The editor of Chaoxi Company teaches you how to do it.

First, we must choose according to our own use scenarios

Different companies have different application scenarios, and the scope of application of pallets is also different. Therefore, you should communicate with the company's user department before purchasing to understand the following requirements:

1. What size plastic tray to use

Due to the different industries, the size of the product packaging varies, and the size of the matching tray is also very different. For example, the carton of cigarettes can be placed neatly on a 1250 × 1000mm tray, while the size of the automobile industry is 1200 × 1000mm.

In response to this situation, China has formulated the recommended standard sizes of pallets (refer to the main dimensions and tolerances of the general flat pallet for intermodal transportation of GB / T2934-2007): 1200mm × 1000mm (emphasis recommended) and 1100 × 1100 (mm). The use of these two pallets covers nearly 50% of the packaging sizes on the market, and it is also the standard size for logistics standardization to achieve common pallets in China.

Taking into account the advantages of pallet sharing (please refer to the article: "The current status and future of transparent tray sharing"), it is recommended to choose 1200 × 1000 pallets when the packaging size is not significantly different.

2. How much load is required by the plastic tray

To clarify how many goods are placed on the pallet, the structure of the corresponding pallet is different. There are light, medium and heavy pallets. The light pallet is lighter than 300kg; the medium pallet is 300 ~ 800kg; the load of more than 800kg generally needs to choose the heavy pallet, and the special requirements need to add steel pipes to the plastic pallet.

3. What kind of plastic pallet to use

The trays are used in single-sided and double-sided usage, which is what we often refer to as single-sided and double-sided trays.

The single-sided pallet has only one load-bearing surface where goods can be placed, and the other surface is used for supporting handling equipment. Common single-sided plastic trays include Sichuan plastic trays, Tian plastic trays, and nine-legged plastic trays;

Double-sided pallets are goods that can be placed on both load-bearing surfaces, and the handling tool enters the fork between the load-bearing surfaces.

Multi-layer stacking of double-sided trays is stable, and multi-layer stacking of single-sided trays is relatively unstable. (For details, please refer to the key points for the use of plastic pallets)

4. What structure of plastic pallet is needed

The common plastic pallet structure is grid-shaped, with the advantages of ventilation, air leakage, dust and dust leakage, and lightweight and non-slip. Currently widely used in all walks of life;

Another type of panel is a flat plastic tray, which has the advantage of being easy to clean, and is widely used in food, medicine and other industries with high hygienic requirements.

Tip, plastic trays of the same size and load are more expensive in flat form than in grid form.

5. Understand what is the handling tool of the supporting plastic pallet

It is also necessary to know what handling equipment is in the warehouse. If it is a new project that has not yet purchased transportation equipment, it is necessary to select the appropriate transportation equipment according to factors such as shipment volume, shipment speed, single pallet load and other factors.

Common handling equipment is a manual hydraulic vehicle (also called ground cow), and the supporting pallet structure can only be a plastic pallet used on one side.

If it is a forklift (electric and fuel), you can consider using a double-sided plastic tray.

6. Understand the special use requirements of the plastic pallet use department

After understanding the above points, you can basically choose a suitable plastic tray. Then it is up to the department to use the pallet. Therefore, it is best to ask the user department to put forward the requirements before choosing the tray, especially the special requirements, such as the temperature requirements, whether there are anti-static requirements, etc.

Second, pay attention to the material of the plastic tray

As the saying goes, the price is the same as the price. The quality of the product has a lot to do with the material. The tray made of high-quality materials is too hard and resistant to falling and crashing. The products made of low-quality materials have many problems and are easy to break.

The requirements for high-quality materials for plastic pallets are generally to use brand-new materials directly from the petrochemical plant.

Most manufacturers on the market will use plastics that have been recycled many times to process plastic pallets. Since the materials are used many times in the furnace, the physical properties of the materials are greatly reduced. The damage rate of the pallets made in the long-term use is extremely high (the performance in the short term is not much different) . In the procurement process, it is necessary to use new materials for manufacturing.

Again, choose the appropriate product by comparing with samples or trial

The advantages and disadvantages of the plastic tray can not be seen from the picture. If the size model is determined, then you can consider letting the supplier provide samples for on-site comparison. Through physical comparison, you can see immediately. Of course, the sample fee needs to be considered in the purchase.

The above are tips and tricks for buying plastic pallets, do you understand? Questions are welcome.

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