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The main points of plastic tray selection in cold storage in low temperature environment?

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Plastic pallets play a role in the maintenance of the goods during the transportation of goods. They are used in cold storage under low temperature environment. However, when used in such an environment, their performance will change greatly compared with that at normal temperature. The operation precautions during use are slightly different from those in normal use. In the cold storage, it may be because the temperature is relatively low, the surface is prone to frost or ice, and it will be slippery. Therefore, be careful when handling. It is best to take it if possible. Anti-slip and anti-freezing measures to avoid accidental unnecessary losses.

We suggest:

1. The material of cold storage plastic tray must be pure raw material

Plastic pallets are made of pure raw materials and recycled materials. Most of the pallets on the market are mixed materials. Some pallets are mixed with some raw materials and recycled materials. Such pallets are generally used at room temperature without problems. However, if it is used in freezing, it will be brittle. It is easy to crack and damage during the process of turnover and transportation, shorten the service life of the pallet itself, and increase the procurement cost of the enterprise. The pure raw material tray is flexible and more resistant to low temperature, generally it can withstand about minus 30 degrees. Therefore, if the pallet is to be used in a cold storage, pure materials must be used.

In low temperature environment, it is recommended to use plastic trays made of new PE materials. The low temperature resistance of PE materials is better than that made by PP. The performance of the new material is much better than that at low temperature.

2. Cold storage plastic trays must be added with low temperature resistant additives

Since plastic pallets in cold storage are more resistant to cold and frost than ordinary pallets, some additives such as antifreeze and plasticizers must be added, which can extend the service life of the pallets in the cold storage without increasing the cost of the pallet itself.

3. Recommended specifications of plastic pallets for cold storage

The plastic pallets used in cold storage are usually matched with manual hydraulic forklifts, and mechanical forklifts are rarely used, so the Sichuan series is usually used, and the size is mostly 1200 * 1000 * 150mm, or 1100 * 1100 * 150mm.

The above are a few points to discuss the main points of using plastic pallets in cold storage for your reference. In fact, not only pallets, but also other storage and logistics equipment should be noted that its performance is different from usual when it is operated in a cold storage.

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